Fast Crypto Loans Backed by Your NEM

Borrow from as low as €25


Why Us

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive credit line rates and no hidden fees. Choose the best option for you!

Flexible Repayment

Choose freely when to make credit line repayments. All you have to do is make sure it is repaid before the maturity date.



We have been in business for over 6 years, operating SpectroCoin and keeping the assets of 1 million clients safe with multiple layers of security.

Very High Loan-to-Value (LTV): 75%

We offer LTV ratios starting from 25% up to 75%. Choosing a high LTV is a more risky option, however, it allows the clients to get the biggest available credit line with their crypto collateral.

Super Low Minimum: €25

We tailor to the needs of each client. Get a credit line as low as 25 EUR (or as high as 1 million EUR).

Benefits with Banker Tokens (BNK)

Banker tokens help you both save and earn. With BNK you always get lower interest rates.

How It Works

Choose when and how much to repay. Interest payments are debited monthly from your account.


Use Cases

Crypto Holders

Get financing without selling your cryptocurrencies. Place Bitcoin, Ether or other crypto assets as collateral and receive a credit line of up to 75% of the collateral value.

illustration of a happy crypto holder.

Crypto Investment Funds

Use a credit for investments, leveraging positions, or to diversify your portfolio.

illustration of a waiting room.

Businesses That Have Exposure to Crypto Assets

We offer financing to various companies that own crypto assets.

Illustration of corporate buildings.

Brokerages and Exchanges

Use funds to invest in growth, get financing for operational expenses or for other specific business purposes you may have.

illustration of buying and selling buttons that show brokerages or exchanges.